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Amigo Used Cars / 02/24/2020, 02:02 pm

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10.0 "muy buen programa"

  • +Este software es muy bueno y muy profesional, el personal de soporte es muy agradable y el precio es muy bueno, solo $ 399.00 por única vez, lo recomiendo a todos los concesionarios de automóviles, también se incluye el software de reparación de automóviles que hacemos en nuestro lote de automóviles.
  • -nada, ojalá puedan hablar español

Friendly Auto Sales / 02/22/2020, 07:59 am

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10.0 "Very professional software and staff"

  • +We are using this software for last 3 years, our computer crashed, we called support team and helped us to restore the back on the new computer with any fee, they are very professional and very nice. we love the software
  • -no cons, consistently good in quality, performance and trusted

5 Stars Motors / 02/20/2020, 05:46 pm

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10.0 "10/10"

  • +It is a great software along with excellent customer service
  • -I would not say it has any cons compared to the service and price

Stars Auto Center / 02/20/2020, 04:17 pm

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10.0 "Very nice program"

  • +We love this software, we use both functionalities, sales and service (Karshop) , very easy to use, and friendly, also they have perfect free support.
  • -nope, nothing worries me or concern about the software,all good

Tony's Auto Sales & Salvage / 02/10/2020, 01:58 pm

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9.5 "very good software"

  • +We are using the software for last 2-3 years , we really like it, have everything we need, also we use it for repair shop, support guys awesome. I do recommend the software for other car dealers..
  • -I don't know if any, so far we didn't see any cons. works for us as expected..

Zee auto sales / 01/23/2020, 08:29 am

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9.5 "very good software"

  • +We like the software, easy to use and friendly, and better price , we paid for it 2 years ago, and still using without any issue , and we get free updates.
  • -No

kathy L. / 01/14/2020, 09:05 am

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9.0 "We love the software"

  • +We really live the software, we are using it for last 5 years and getting free updates and support without any additional charges, we just got a new computer they helped us on the first call. That is the support you can count on :)
  • -N

Mark Adams / 01/05/2020, 08:41 am

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9.5 "very good software"

  • +After 2 weeks testing We just purchased the software, we really love the software, we had few question, support people just fantastic , they answered all our questions plus they added our forms before we purchased the software too.
  • -nothing so far

Best cars auto sales / 12/21/2019, 12:26 pm

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8.5 "I love MyDealershi program"

  • +I'm using the software for years, this is best software, we never had any issue and when we replaced the computer support guys helped us to move it with any charge after years.
  • -really nothing bad about the program.

Alberto auto sales / 12/18/2019, 01:54 pm

+1 -0

9.0 "amamos este software"

  • +Este programa es el mejor en el mercado, tiene un costo único y tiene todo para el estado de TX, they have very good support
  • -nada




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