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5 Stars Motors / 12/12/2019, 02:46 pm

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10.0 "I have been using the software for over 4 years without any problems. It is great for all type of deals and you can navigate and manage it easily"

  • +Very responsive Customer service
    Easy to set up
    Easy to Navigate
    Very low cost and price and it worth more than what you pay
    and many more

  • -I would say there is nothing is bad or poor in this software compared to the price. It is just excellent

Luis / 12/12/2019, 08:40 am

+1 -0

6.0 "not bad"

  • +only English, no espanol, don't like it
  • -all forms in English, no espanol

Sahara Auto Sales LLC / 12/12/2019, 08:36 am

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8.0 "very good software"

  • +The software is very good for BHPH, wholesale, retails, mostly we the software to ship vehicles overseas, also we do some BHPH not much, works as expected, I don't see it any efferent than others
  • -I see $399.00 expensive.

Caribbean Auto Sales / 12/12/2019, 08:08 am

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10.0 "We love it"

  • +We at Caribbean Auto Sales love this software, has everything we need and support person wonderful and very helpful, we called them few times since 2012 and always they answered our questions.
  • -nothing, but I recommend it to other dealers

QUALIFIED AUTO SALES / 12/11/2019, 02:11 pm

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10.0 "The software we needed"

  • +We use the software since 2011 , since then we never paid a penny for the upgrades and support, they are the best , very nice people and good support.
  • -Nothing

Trinity Imports / 12/11/2019, 02:08 pm

+0 -0

9.5 "Perfect software for car dealers"

  • +we love the software. very good support and help.
  • -I wish they integrate Paypal payment to it, only for this reason I will give 4 on Functionality

Lakeside Motors / 12/11/2019, 02:04 pm

+0 -0

10.0 "The best ever"

  • +We love the software, much better than XXXXXXXXX software, they have very good support with remote help for free, they help us to setup our multi users free of charge, and always they are available to help
  • -I suggest this software for other dealers.

J&S Auto Sales / 12/11/2019, 02:00 pm

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9.0 "One time pay software"

  • +I love one time fee, but a bit expensive for me as small car dealer, this software has everything I need to run my car dealer business and much more. also they added my forms free of charge, they have very good support.
  • -for small car dealer $399.00 expense, I wish I had it cheaper..

Baker's Auto Repair / 12/11/2019, 01:54 pm

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10.0 "I love it"

  • +We used the karshop (garage repair shop) more than the dealer inventory, mostly we fix, repair all kind cars, but sometimes we buy broken vehicles and then we sell them after we fix them, this software is the best in the market, has everything we need, to fix and sell vehicles..
  • -we have everything we need..

Yusuf Auto Dealer / 12/11/2019, 01:51 pm

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10.0 "Awesome program for car dealerships"

  • +I tried many software before, but really either too complex and expensive or too basic, but this program has everything I needed for my dealership lot, the best part one time charge.
  • -nothing




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