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Most Frequently Asked Questions

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1-Does your software works in latest MS windows like (Windows 10) ? Yes
2-Do I need special printer to print forms or reports? No
3-Really your software just one time fee, no monthly, yearly or hidden charges? Yes, that is correct
4-Do I need to pay any fee to test your program? No, free download
5-Are you located in United States, where? Yes, Nashville TN
6-Can I install the program in multiple computers without paying any extra fee? Yes
7-Does the program works in multi users/computers mode (access same inventory) ? Yes, with no extra fees
8-Does the program allows to limit users' access to certain screens. functions Yes
9-Is this program web based program? No, installed locally
10-Can I access my inventory at office from home? See below
A: Yes, you will need to configure your router (allows external access to your computer)
11-Can I add security to the program, like password when opens? Yes
12-We have same dealer in multi cities, do I have to pay for each dealer? Yes, licensed by location
13-Do I need internet access to work within the program? No
14-Do you have VIN decoder ? Yes
15-Can I call one of your customers to check the program if works in my city or state ? No, See below
A: For privacy reasons our policy not allows to release customer names, just like any other business, we assume you do same in your business!
16-Do you send us CD when we purchase? No, See below
A: Software is Intangible Goods, we DO NOT ship you anything, you will get Email to download full version, however you can create your own CD if you wish (not recommended as we release new versions frequently).
17-Does the MyDealership software works in Linux, Unix or MAC computers? See below
No, our software designed for MS windows only, Virtual Machine inside non-ms OS doesn't work either.
18-Can I install the database only on a my server to be backed up with others? Yes
19-Do I need to sign any contact with you to buy the software? No, See our EULA
20-What is EULA (End User License Agreement) See below
A: You can read it when you install the software, just like any shareware software in the market
21-What are the fees for tech support? No fees, It is free
22-Does it cost to get updates, changes or fix forms? No
23-Do you charge for program backups? No, See below
A: we don't backup your program or computer, backing up your computer is your responsibility and we have NO access.
23-Is your software integrated with QuickBooks or other accounting software? No
24-Are there any setup, start-up or maintenance fees? No
25-What type of training is provided with your software? See below
A: Our software easy to use, self-explanatory, there is help file, step-by-step getting started and online video, if you need more help we will do our best to help.
26-Do I lose my data entered during my testing in demo version after I purchase? No
27-Will you (the company) have access or see my data/inventory ? No
28-How I know if program works for my dealership and compliance with my state code? See below
You need to Download and test it and do your home work to make sure works for dealership, we have dealers in USA, Canada, and few elsewhere, hard for us to know
29-Wht kind forms you provide for my state ? See above # 28
30-Who voted your program # 1 among many other programs? See below
A: The program voted by dealers, editors and writes after they used it, compared to other programs, this doesn't mean works  for your dealership, there are a lot of good programs, try it and you be the judge
31-Can you add my logo to some forms? Depend on the form
32-Does the program works in mobile phones? like iPhone or Android No
33-All forms shows big black 4Dealership (angle) when I print, why? See below
A: Watermark shows only in demo version, will go away when you pay for the full version
34-Does the program works in tablet? See below
A: The program tested on windows surface pro 4 (windows 10  full version), may work on other full windows tablet, please test it
35-Why you prefer asking questions by email not by phone ? See below
A: We prefer emails to document all questions and issues, also emails can answered by one of our tech support engineers very fast, unlike phone calls, also we are trying to cut some of the cost as we provide free support with no monthly fees
36-Do I need to buy forms from somewhere ? See below
A: Unfortunately, in some states like Texas they need to buy forms for OCCC  compliance, you need to check with your state Department of Motor Vehicles
37-Can I customize the program, like change some labels See below
A: Yes you can change label names in most screens, also the program allows you to add custom forms with any language you wish, and any number of forms and relate them to vehicles or customers only.
38-Do you have money back guarantee? See below
A: No, that is why we offer 30 days risk FREE to download and use it to see if works for your dealership and complies with your state code or not, if doesn't work for you just uninstall it.
39-Does the program integrate with Auto Trader, See below
A: The software has option to upload active inventory to Auto Trader,, however, you must have an active account with them, also you need to test it, if you have any issue please contact us, once awhile they change upload file format. and image upload process
40-Does the program integrate with Craigslist? See below
A: Craigslist doesn't NOT allow integration or auto/direct upload , however, the program generate detailed image so you can manually upload it as image.
41-Does the software integrate with any finance company? See below
A: No, the software is BHPH, however the software has ability to upload to few known financing companies (see publisher) , if you need to add more please email us.
42-I'm a dealer in the UK, can I use your software?  
A: We are so sorry, we do not sell or support other than USA and CANADA, our software not designed to be used in other countries, if you buy it, we will issue full refund without contacting you  
43- Does SMS send email automatically to remind customers to pay car note. Do I need subscription?
A: SMS and Email available on paid version only, no doesn't send email or reminder to customer automatically, "not recommended", and no, you don't need to pay any money or any kind subscription to us , all you need a valid email address and your SMTP address.  
44-We have small used car dealer lot, does your software works for us?
A: Our software used by small, mid size and big dealers nationwide, there is no restriction in dealer size or number of vehicles in full version, all depends on how you run your business. 2 dealers in one street may not be same.
45-Would you be interested in licensing the software for other countries?
A: Sorry no, the software not designed for other countries.
46-We are currently using XXX software is there a way to transfer all my data to this software?
A: Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer data from another software to ours, each software company uses different database type, file format and structure. some of our clients keeps using both software for a while till all pays off, and some others, entered the deal to our software with remaining balance and stopped using previous software.
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