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Q: Do you have Money Back Guarantee?
A: You can request 30-60 days FREE unlocking key to evaluate the software FULL ACCESS to current production version without paying us a penny (this is our Money Back Guarantee).

Q: Is your software refundable?
A: NO, computer software are NOT refundable, that is why we offer 30 days risk FREE trial version, please see above question. We have "try it before you buy it" policy

Q: What are the differences between demo and registered versions?
A: Demo version allows 200 vehicles or 30 days (whatever comes first), bill of sale and sales contract shows water-mark when you print, also not allowed to publish inventory to the Craigslist. Those restricted actions will be removed on registered version

Q: Is 4Dealership network enabled (I mean to have multi users-computers)?
A: Yes, you can run it as Client/Server mode, this means you can access your inventory from anywhere in the world (you have to open related port, just like any other C/S program in the market)

Q: Can I have my own bill of sale & sales contract with other forms?
A: Yes, just email us scanned form and we add them for you for FREE OF CHARGE.

Q: I don't see my state forms ?
A: Please email or send us any missing forms and we will add them for FREE in just few days

Q: Can I decode a VIN?
A: Yes, you can decode and validate VIN (Year, make, model, trim, style, Transmission, Cylinders), you need to download VIN Decoder from help menu

Q: Can I publish my inventory to a my website or other websites
A: We have free built-in publisher, this tools create text or XML format with images attached, using FTP you can send selected list to any FTP server please see here the list

Q: Is there any easy way to create 4Dealership networking?
A: Yes, just run the DBServer.exe from C:\MyDealership program and connect other computers to the server using same server IP address and port

Q: Do you charge for technical support or maintenance fee?
A: NO, you buy once, and get FREE support and updates as long as you use the program. we do our best to answer your call as soon as possible.

Q: Do we need to sign any contract or agreement?
A: Just like your windows, buy once and use it forever, no need to sign any contract or agreement. but you need to read our EULA, you can use the program within your dealership in one location only, you can't use same program in multi cities or states with same dealer name.

Q: Is you program works in windows 10?
A: Yes, works in windows XP SP3, 7m 8 and 10, most our developers using windows 10 now

Q: What I get after I pay for the software?
A: You will get 2 emails : first email to fill in a form conforming you understand our policy, provide dealer name, address, phone after you confirm, you will get second email on how download full version and register it, you have to keep that email for future downloads and installs (free of charge), we don't recommend you make CD from the download, as always there is new version with changes, you get all that for free.

After full payment made, you can:
* Receive the full version with unlocking information via email.
* Remove the limitation on forms (Trail version mark)
* Add unlimited number of vehicles (instead 200 only in demo)
* Get Permanent, Lifetime free software updates.
* Get unlimited E-Mail technical support

Please send us your feedback or any question you may have contact us

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Try it and see the differences from other car dealer software, all updates are FREE $399.00

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