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               08/29/20 07:05 🚗 R & G Sales & Repairs RVs 🎫Perfect !

👍We were looking for new software to use it within our company, we looked around, we found this software is the best, and has everything we need for our business as RV sales and repairs. We contacted them before we bought the software, they are knowledgeable, friendly, also they designed our needed form during the demo for free.

👎nothing yet

               08/17/20 08:13 🚗 Kerry T. 🎫I agree very good software

👍I agree with all other good comments, the software easy to use, friendly,with good price also they offer free support and updates.


               08/14/20 06:42 🚗 John’s Import and Classic Cars - Miami 🎫Software as good as advertised

👍We were looking for dependable and onetime fee software for our dealer, we were using xxxxxx software for years, but got expensive with greedy support, so we decided to get another one, after we tested this software for 28 days, we got it, and sure worth the money and support very friendly.

👎no cons, just pros, as other dealers said I recommend it for other other dealers

               08/12/20 07:28 🚗 A2Z Auto Sales & Repairs 🎫Unbeatable support and software

👍We are using the software for last 5 years, we just got new computer with windows 10, we called support team and helped us to move everything to the new computer with few easy steps for FREE, yes after 5 years still we are getting free updates and support, that is called Unbeatable support and software

👎very good company, no cons

               08/08/20 10:15 🚗 Best Deal Auto Sales LLC 🎫Very good software and support

👍We are using the software over 3 years now, we never had issue, we got a new computer, and support team helped us to understand and DIY step by step on how we move the software with one click, and we did without any issue, thanks for the support team

👎we didn't see any issue or cons about the software

               08/06/20 05:53 🚗 Budget Auto Sales Inc. 🎫Very good software

👍We love the software, very good, professional, easy to use, and has everything we need to run our business, also has repair shop software within same price.

👎I recommend this software for any car dealer

               07/27/20 08:21 🚗 Approved Auto Sales LLC 🎫fantastic software and support

👍extraordinarily good and reliable software and support with very good price, I'm using the software almost 3 years and got issue with networking, and support guy solved the issue with one phone call. you can't get better than this with any company.

👎Thank you 4dealership team, you guys awesome

               07/19/20 08:06 🚗 Affordable Auto Sales 🎫worth every penny

👍4Dealership software worth every penny, I'm using the software for over 10 years, always I get updates and support for free, we just requested new form, they added the form for free (yes after over 10 years)


               06/27/20 05:56 🚗 Your Next Auto LLC 🎫Very good software and easy to use

👍This software is the best software I have tried, after I tested for 20 days and then I purchased license, we use it in 3 computers , and yes as like other said they have very good and fast support.


               06/21/20 07:25 🚗 Moe Auto Sales 🎫Very nice software

👍I just got this software after I tested many different software, none of those software are good as this one, easy to use just like other said, also one time charge, and I love the support I get, I left message they got to me in less than 30 minutes, they have all forms for my state.

👎no idea




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