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@4Dealership top 5 car dealer management system solutions for your buy here, pay here car lot business!

BHPH Vehicles, RVs, Trailers, Boats, Bikes, and Junk Yards (Parts) for $399.00

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Car lot dealer software, used car dealer management system

Easy-to-use car dealer management software (system) for pre-owned car lots, perfect auto dealer software, and in-house lot financing deals in the market make our best buy here, pay here software a must-have application for every car dealer, regardless of the size of their business. This car dealer software is for BHPH financing, wholesale, retail, lease-to-own, overseas shipping. It is a professional auto dealer management software used by thousands of companies nationwide, including Canada. Guaranteed to increase your productivity and profitability.

Best Buy Here, Pay Here Software Provider: @4Dealership

Over 50 reports to know your car dealer business, with all the forms you need for your state! Whether you are tired of paying a monthly or yearly maintenance fee or trying to find a better solution for your company, either way, you are in the right place.  4Dealership is the leading-edge business software for used car dealerships since 1995, with proven records and client feedback. Dealership pre-owned automotive software is a must-have application for each car dealership. 4Dealership will help you increase your productivity and profitability by tracking purchases, sales history, inventory, repairs, customer payments, finance charges, etc. It's a professional auto dealer inventory management system. 4Dealership is known for its simplicity of use and powerful functionality.

Main DMS application

The main software has inventory, sales B-H-P-H, retail, wholesale, out-of-state, least-to-own deals, print forms, reports, etc.

DMS Karshop

This application is used for garage and repair work integrated with the main application, or/ it can be used for external customers.

DMS Forms Designer

This application is used to create and design your own custom user-defined forms (if needed) populated with all assigned fields from the main software.

DMS Screen Designer

This application allows you to create and design your own user-defined screen within the main application.

DMS Publisher

This application is used to publish your active inventory on your own website or on some known websites.

DMS Reminder

This application allows you to create payment reminders and send emails to your customers before payment is due.

DMS Freeware version

This freeware car dealer software (free of charge) version excludes the printing option (no expiration, no forms to print).

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Here are some of the top 10 features of our used car dealer software

  • It installs as a standalone desktop application; there is no need for internet to access the software, which means full security and privacy!.
  • Vehicles inventory-history. (List, view all/sold/active vehicles, purchased, on-hold, etc.)
  • Track vehicle repair costs and know your loss and/or profit
  • Validate Vehicle Identification Number “VIN” and decode (year, make model, body, style, engine, etc.)
  • Track customer payments history and late charges, repossessions, etc.
  • Publish inventory to your website, or, autotrader,  directly in a few clicks.
  • Over 50 important pre-designed reports (sales taxes, sold/inventory, profit-loss, costs, late payments, other income, (customer balance, non-received titles, commissions, etc.)
  • Track state, city, local, special sales, and business taxes.
  • Easy backup and recovery in case something happens to your computer.
  • 100% secure and encrypted data files plus user-level security.
  • No forms to purchase (all forms are pre-designed; all you need is blank paper and a functional printer).
  • Easy to use, powerful in functionality, and user-friendly interface.
  • Affordable price with no monthly or maintenance fees. (fraction of what you pay to other software)
  • Publish your active vehicles with pictures on your own free website with one click
  • Automated Payments reminder.
  • Email forms for sold vehicles in one click
  • To-do list to manage your daily busy schedule
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Why is 4Dealership car lot software (DMS) the best dealer management software?

@4Dealership is powerful, friendly, and easy to use—everything you need to succeed in your business.  The easiest pre-owned car lot dealer software on the market with a proven record.  Try it to believe it; no experience is needed; easy to learn; step-by-step online video help. affordable and unbeatable price with a free support policy. You have all the necessary requirements to  improve your sales, increase the company's profit, and save you money.           That is what we do: a dealer management system, car dealer management software, used car inventory management software, and vehicle inventory management software.

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Why #4Dealership Software?

You cannot find anything like this on the net. With us, you will get a one-time charge for a solid, stable, and unbreakable complete package. also you will get free updates, upgrades, and new forms with the best unlimited free support! 4 Dealership Management System DMS provides a one-stop solution for your automotive lot's daily needs to organize your business operations efficiently, improve customer service, and increase profitability. 

Application Installation

4Dealership designed for Microsoft Windows only, it installs locally and can be used on one computer or multiple computers as a client or server!.

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Software Support

We offer free-of-charge support by email, support ticket, online videos, and phone.

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Refund Policy

Our policy is to try it before you buy it. We offer a 30-day risk-free trial of the software with 90% functionality, which will help you decide if the software works for you or not. There is no refund after you purchase the license!

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No obligation, no contract, no monthly fees, free updates and support—all the support you need. None of the clinginess.

Stop paying unnecessary monthly or annual maintenance fees; invest your money in full-working, stable, solid software at a one-time purchase price. The monthly fee will add up soon or later, and if you stop paying the agreed-upon subscription fee (monthly fee), your program will stop working in the middle of an important deal. But with us, worry-free, you can use the software as long as you want and for years to come.

We’re in the BHPH car dealer software development business of helping automotive dealerships find the right car lot management software.           At 4 dealerships, you visit one of the sites on the search engine, you dive into screenshots, reviews, and prices, and you make a purchase. Sometimes,  though, you read a useless piece of content, unrealistic monthly fees, and walk away with no  solution to help you out, or you find the amount you pay adds up to too much for the software you need to run your business.

Why is 4Dealership car dealer software quality important to your dealership?

Affordability of a car dealership software program

Paying monthly, yearly, and may be other support fees for car dealership sales software will add up soon or later. Sure, that will drain your wallet, but with our affordable time charge,  no contract, and no monthly fees, you are on the safe side.

#BHPH system availability

The quality of used car dealer software should have a friendly interface and logic to guide the user to use it easily, without any complexity or clumsiness that confuses the user about how to use it. That is what we offer.

#Reliability of BHPH software

Reliable automotive dealership software should have the characteristic that the old or new system can perform daily tasks in a fixed time zone according to user commands, can provide steady progress for all related tasks while the DMS software is running normally, and should have a recovery option to recover when the user encounters unexpected situations to protect company data.

DMS system is scalable.

As your dealership lot continues to grow and increase sales, business models change, processing large amounts of data and increasing hardware load. Good car dealership software scalability allows for the smooth execution of tasks and system changes without degrading user performance or your wallet.

#Functional suitability of car sales software

High functional applicability is generally developed by custom DMS software because the user’s needs can be considered and a specific function can be designed for the user to fully meet all dealership-specific needs, such as buying, selling, tracking payments, taxes, profits, and losses. 

#Maintainability of the automotive sales and inventory dealership software

Maintainability is the ease with which you can fix, improve, and understand car dealer software (dealer management software), upgrade, and modify DMS based on user needs, bug fixes, and vulnerabilities. That is why we offer free updates and upgrades as long as we are in business. 

Performance Efficiency of the Vehicle Dealer Management System

Performance efficiency is one of the most important factors affecting car sales software system quality. The automotive dealer software should be able to handle the speed and volume of tasks the device can handle within a reasonable workload so that your dealership doesn’t lose profit opportunities due to dealer software inefficiencies, please use our free demo download and test it to see yourself.

Security of auto dealer inventory management software

Security is a feature that defines the level of protection of user data. By setting multiple access levels for other users, dealership software can protect confidential data while effectively handling other tasks. Remotely hosted data can lead to DMS security issues and an opportunity for malicious people to exploit vulnerabilities. But with our used cars dealer software hosted locally, in your own computer and 100% under your control and secure.