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The best BHPH automotive lease system solution for used vehicle dealerships with accounting built-in for independent auto dealers

Size does not matter when it comes to using our DMS dealer management system software; if you are a large or small car lot dealer, our software will handle it. We have dealers with thousands of vehicles and others with hundreds or less.

Here are the most frequently asked questions!

1-Does your best DMS software works in the latest MS windows like (Windows 10 and 11)?
Yes, that is correct
Yes, Brentwood TN
Yes, you can install our DMS software on as many computers as you wish.
Yes, with no extra fees.
No, it is installed locally as a standalone application.
Yes, you will need to configure your router (which allows external port access to your computer).
Yes, our car lot dealer software allows users to enable security access!
Yes, our used car system is licensed by location.
Yes, we provide a VIN decoder as a free service; however, not all VINs can be decoded, and this service is not part of the main program functionality, which means we have no control over which VIN works or not.
No, for privacy reasons, our policy does not allow us to release customer names or phone numbers, just like in any other business. We assume you do the same in your business!
No, you will get an email to download the full version; however, you can create your own CD if you wish (not recommended as we release new updates frequently).
No, our used car dealer software is designed for MS Windows computers only.
No, one-time charge only; no contract; no monthly fees; no support fees; no hidden charges!
You can read it when you install the used car lot software, also located as a pdf in the program folder!
No fees, It is free; we don't charge for updates, fixes, or support. Please see our used car dealer software support policy!
Nothing, free of charge!
No, we do not backup your software, data, or computer; backing up your software is your responsibility, and we have no access to your data.
No, our used vehicle dealer software has built-in accounting, purchases, sales, taxes, and cash flow!
No, simple, easy steps to install, with easy on-click maintenance, backup, or restore, and one click to transfer to a new computer.
Our software is easy to use, self-explanatory, has a help file, step-by-step instructions for getting started, and has online videos. If you need more help, just contact us!
You need to download and test it and do your home work to make sure it works for the dealership. We have dealers in the USA, Canada, and a few elsewhere; it is hard for us to know.
Please see above question #29
The program was voted by car lot dealers, editors, and writers after they used it. Compared to other DMS systems, this doesn't mean it works for your car lot dealership. There are a lot of good software programs; try it and you will be the judge.
Depending on the form, most state forms are not allowed to have a logo.
No, only on MS Windows computers.
Watermarks show only in the demo version; they will go away when you pay for the full version.
Our car dealer software has been tested and works just fine on Windows Surface Pro 3-4 (Windows 8, 10, and 11 full versions). It may work on other full Windows tablets; please test it.
We prefer emails to document all questions and answers. Also, emails can be answered by one of our tech support engineers very quickly, unlike phone calls. We are also trying to cut some of the cost as we provide free support with no monthly fees.
Unfortunately, in some states, like Texas, they need to buy forms for OCCC compliance. You need to check with your state Department of Motor Vehicles.
Yes, you can change label names on most screens. Also, the program allows you to add custom forms with any language you wish and any number of forms and relate them to vehicles or customers only.
No, that is why we offer a 30-day risk-free trial to download and use it to see if it works for your dealership and complies with your state code or not. If it doesn't work for you, just uninstall it.
Our automotive dealer software has the option to upload active inventory to AutoTrader,; however, you must have an active account with them, and you also need to test it. If you have any issues, please contact us.
Craigslist does not allow third-party integration or auto-direct upload; however, the program generates detailed images so you can manually upload them as images.
No, the software is BHPH; however, the software has the ability to upload to a few known financing companies (see publisher); if you need to add more, please email us.
No, We are so sorry. We do not sell or support anything other than the USA and Canada. Our software is not designed to be used in other countries. If you buy it, we will issue a full refund without contacting you.
SMS and Email are available on the paid version only; no one sends an email or reminder to the customer automatically, "not recommended" and you don't need to pay any money or any kind of subscription to us; all you need is a valid email address and your SMTP address.
Our software is used by small, midsize, and big dealers nationwide; there is no restriction on dealer size or the number of vehicles in the full version; it all depends on how you run your business. Two dealers on one street may not be the same.
Sorry, no, the software is not designed for other countries!
Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer data from another software to ours; each software company uses a different database type, file format, and structure. Some of our clients keep using both software for a while until it all pays off, and others enter the deal with our software with the remaining balance and stop using previous software.
Yes, large, midsize, or small dealers can use our software.
Our #DMS offers customization of colors, layout, and labels. You can choose one of 14 colors.
Sorry, no, we use PayPal only.
No, computer software is not refundable. That is why we offer a 30-day risk-free trial version; please see Q #39. We have a "try it before you buy it" policy.
The demo version allows 200 vehicles only or 30 days (whatever comes first); the bill of sale and sales contract show a watermark when you print; and you are also not allowed to publish inventory on the related servers. Those restricted actions will be removed from the registered version.
Yes, you can run it in client/server mode, which means you can access your inventory from anywhere in the world (you have to open a related port, just like any other C/S program in the market).
Yes, we can add up to four forms free of charge if they can be used by other dealers. otherwise, we will charge for any privately used form(s). Every form we add costs us $35~$100 (depending on the number of pages and form complexity), but it is free for dealers. The total new requested forms' cost must not exceed $399 for each dealer. If you have any questions about free forms, please contact us.
First, see the default forms (left box); if you are still not seeing them, email us your form. We will add your forms for free, even during the trial period. Please see question #54.
No, you buy it once and get free support and updates as long as you use the program. We do our best to answer your call as soon as possible.
Just like your Windows OS, buy once and use it forever; there is no need to sign any contract or agreement. Please read our EULA. You can use the program within your dealership in one location only.

You will get 2 emails: the first email to fill out a form stating that you understand our policy and provide dealer name, address, and phone. After you confirm, you will get a second email on how to download the full version and register it. You have to keep that email for future downloads and installs (free of charge). We don't recommend you make a CD from the download, as always there is a new version with changes. You get all that for free.

After the full payment is made, you can:

  • Receive the full version with unlocking information via email.
  • Remove the limitation on forms (Trail version mark)
  • Add unlimited number of vehicles (instead 200 only in demo)
  • Get Permanent, Lifetime free software updates.
  • Get unlimited E-Mail technical support
You have one free name change within the same city; you must provide legal proof of the name change.
Our software is licensed by dealer name, city, and state; you can use it, but under the same dealer name and address, all forms will print the same dealer name, city, and state, and so on.
That is a free service we provide and not part of the software; it is just an external free service that allows you to upload and post your active inventory to that site with your dealer name, address, and phone number, just like free classified ads for cars. that page dedicated to your own dealership with ID, like any social media, you don't own the site or the page. Use it or lose it. Some sites charge $99.00 a month just to host your site but we offer you a free service.

No answer to your questions?, please email us.