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4Dealership used automobile software, car dealership accounting software, vehicles inventory system solutions platform for windows.

Try it 30 days risk free our used automobile software, car dealership accounting software, 4 Dealership software designed for USA and Canada only.

Just looking to screenshot doesn't help to make a decision to buy a software your business depend on, the best way is to download and test it, we suggest to test every screen and functionality


4Dealership is a MS windows platform installs locally as standalone application, meaning it is compatible with all windows operating systems only.

To install and run 4Dealership the following components are required:

  • Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, vista, XP SP2, ME, 2000.
  • Any working printer.
  • No need for internet access to use the software.


Download and run the setup program, follow on-screen instruction. (few clicks)

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Does your car lot sale requires a big package with monthly fee with options you never use?

Most car lot dealers do not necessarily need a whole software package just to do wholesale, retail, bhph, out-of-state or even rent-to-own sale. Unless you actually enjoy spending money by paying monthly and yearly fees that seems to go on forever.

How can you make things easier on yourself, as a car lot dealer, when it comes to keeping the books? Well, if you can get a good dealer system going like ours, that would sure make things run smoother with same result.

Most auto dealer software packages are easy to use. And they can cut down on how much time you have to devote to your daily sales related tasks, and if time is money then that saves you money too! Instead of hiring a whole other person just to keep your inventory straight, just find a program with the features you need only. Save yourself money and avoid paying monthly fees. Our used car lot dealer software package is easy to figure out how to use.

You never have to worry about your financial data getting into the wrong hands or sending your company’s data out over the internet or keeping your data elsewhere. If you purchase and setup your own dealer software, it's a one-time-only fee that you can run on your own computer, and you won't have to worry about your data leaking anywhere along the way. You never have to worry about whether your information, your employee information, or your businesses' information will ever be misused.
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